Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Review of the new Oregon Valley Boys CD

Good news from the land of french fries...a review of our new CD "All Roads Lead To Howell Prairie. This from Cri du Coyote 120:

The Oregon Valley Boys - All Roads Lead To Howell Prairie 
"A new band to add to the list of those who play western swing. From Oregon, formed by Randy Hill, Chuck Doc Z Zendner, Loren The Man of Steel Depping, Vicki Bakanoff, Paz Reingans, Oscar Quijano and Paul Hank Saunders, they're in the true tradition, apart from a modern country rock. But there are nuggets among the 10 tracks : the excellent All roads lead to Howell Prairie, mixing hillbillybop, R'n'R and western swing, the Bakersfield sounding honky tonk One foot, the stirring tex-mex Little white lie and the superb western waltz "√† la Marty Robbins", Molalla waltz. A must to discover, you won't be disappointed."

In addition to the great reviews we've been getting, the CD has been getting some good airplay around Europe as well.

Let's Swing! 

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