Monday, August 24, 2009

On the road: Tillamook Farmers' Market and The Silverton Gardens

Well, we had quite the day this past Saturday. We took off Friday evening from Salem and headed out to Manzanita Beach to stay at a house on the beach courtesy of Oscar and his wife Nichole. Let me tell you, there's nothing like going to sleep with the surf crashing in the background.

We all got up the next morning and headed over to the cheese capital of the world, Tillamook, Oregon for our morning gig at the Tillamook Farmers' Market. The sky was sunny, the wind was cool and we had a blast! Lots of smiling folks, dogs and kids doing the boogaloo if front of the "stage."

Next stop on our tour: The Oregon Gardens in Silverton where we played at the first annual Oregon Gardens Food and Wine Fest." Great crowd and some fine Texas two-steppin'.

The Oregon Valley Boys' biggest cheerleading team (our wives) hang out on Manzanita Beach.

Loren tunes up before the Tillamook Farmers Market gig.

The Three Wise Men? Chuck, Randy and Hank relax "backstage" at the Tillamook Farmers' Market

The Oregon Garden's first annual "Food and Wine Fest"

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